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Frankincense Boswellia Scalp and Cuticle Oil Blend (.5oz)

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Frankincense Boswellia is an ancient oil. It has many uses but is most noted for its anti-inflammatory properties. I personally use the frankincense blend to rub my achy hands and moisurize my cuticles. As a veteran massage therapist, my joints tend to get inflamed from time to time and cuticles get dry from constant hand washing.(add a few drops to clean, damp hands at bedtime)

I also love the blend to massage into my scalp. I use it right after wash and again a week or so before I wash again. A little goes a long way. I just put a few drops on my fingertips. Rub thumbs across fingertips, spreading the oil on all 8 fingertips, then I gently massage my scalp moving into different areas of my head until I feel the oil is spread evenly. Not only does the blend smell delightful, it feels like your scalp is having a spa day of its own. Not to mention, I've had such great results in regrowing my hair with this oil after severe damage and hair loss as well. 
(This is NOT medical advice)

Simply made with only pure frankincense oil, a nut-free, organic carrier oil and nothing else. Mild, Pleasant fragrance.