Payment Policy

    The Peppermint Room's Online Payment Policy




By using the Online Payment system, you agree to the following:
- The information provided by you is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.

- You understand that The Peppermint Room reserves the right to change/modify the accepted payment types and payment fees relating to orders placed on this site and you agree to abide by the same.

- The decision of The Peppermint Room in regards to granting or rejecting payment on any item sold on this site is final and binding at The Peppermint Room’s discretion.

- You authorize The Peppermint Room to charge your Credit Card / Debit Card / Bank account towards the fee/s as per the authorization given by you upon an online purchase with The Peppermint Room.

- All processing fees, if any are visibly apparent upon checkout in The Peppermint Room’s Online store. If no processing fees are visibly apparent upon checkout, No processing fees will be charged to you.

- You understand and accept that the jurisdiction for any disputes relating to The Peppermint Room is Gretna, Louisiana, United States of America

- The Peppermint Room will not be responsible for any damage suffered by you from use of the payment services on this site.


Fee Refund Policy

After making a purchase for products, if the customer wants to cancel his/her order from The Peppermint Room’s Online store, any processing fees, if any and/or shipping charges following the cancellation will be forfeited if already paid


Payment processing Fee - The Peppermint Room assumes all payment processing fees. You understand that we have a right, at any time to allow customers to assume payment processing fees instead.

If there ever comes a time where The Peppermint Room allows customers to assume any payment processing fees whatsoever, payment processing fees will be visibly apparent, clear and conspicuous upon checkout before any payments are final.

Shipping Fee - All shipping fees are visibly apparent, clear and conspicuous upon checkout before any payments are final. All shipping fees are at the cost of the customer and based on the location of the customer

No processing fee, if any or shipping fee refund will be granted once the payment is done


Duplicate clause - If customer mistakenly paid twice for one order then transaction amount will be refunded within 15 to 20 working days via same payment source.

Convenience Fee, taxes charged, shipping fee & payment processing fee if any may not be refunded/ reversed for refunds or reversals of completed transactions.

Instructions on how to complete an order cancellation or refund can be found in our ENTER REFUND POLICY LINK HERE. Alternatively, you may reach out to us via the “contact us” tab on the footer.

The Peppermint Room’s Online Store


Payment Providers and Payment Methods

Payment providers and payment methods are visibly apparent, clear and conspicuous upon checkout before any payments are final


Express Payments: PayPal - GPay - Facebook Pay

Traditional Payments: Major Credit Cards -Visa - Mastercard - American Express - Discover - All Bank/Debit Cards with Major Processor logo