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Pure Frankincense Boswellia Oil (.5oz)

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Pure Frankincense Boswellia Oil:  

Body Aches,Sinus(Use Behind Ears),Headaches,Meditation, Aromatherapy,Holistic Therapies(Consult Your Doctor)

The pure frankincense boswellia I use on my troubled knee and behind my ears to help clear my sinuses when allergies arise. I put a single drop on my finger. I start from the top of my ear and run my finger down, behind my ear and end under my jaw, right over the lymph node in my neck. I do this behind both ears.
The behind my ear method also works to calm my anxiety.
(This is NOT medical advice)




WARNING: Pure frankincense Boswellia is a hot oil. Avoid face, eyes, inner ears, consumption, abrasions, and sexual organs.

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