The Peppermint Room

Alpha & Property Natural Deoderant Mist 4oz

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This natural deodorant has multiple uses. It is for 24+ hour underarm protection for most people, 24+ hour smelly feet protection for most people. To use as a shoe refresher, spray generously and allow to air dry overnight, air freshener, body spray, synthetic weave/wig refresher (not to be used on human hair/do not use with heat). They come in 3 scents: The Peppermint Room's Signature fragrance - Alpha & Property- clean, crisp, elegant high notes of gardenia with a hint of mint- unisex. Alasdaire- gardenia blend with a hint of lemongrass- masculine. Reign- gardenia blend with a hint of lemon, flowery notes-feminine.

Shake well, avoid eyes, open cuts/wounds and sexual organs. If needed, seek medical attention for any misuse of this product. Not for consumption. Keep away from heat and children.

Ingredients: Alcohol, essential oils blends, water. Product by The Peppermint Room 1801 Lafayette St. Ste. B, Gretna, Louisiana 70053. (504) 331-5289